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Packing machine, automatic packing machine

KFW 300 Pillow Packing Machine

KFW 300 Pillow Packing Machine

Applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as mooncake, bread, biscuits, candies, snow cakes, custard cakes, chocolates, instant noodles, medicines, commodities, hardware, carton, trays and etc.
Technical Advantages
? Programmed and controlled by servo motors , the working speed regulated individually and the wrap bags length adjustable to meet different needs ;
? User friendly Touch Screen HMI guarantee the easy operation and multi-language display conversion ; Simple to operate and adjust settings through graphic HMI
? High-precision photocell control tracking system to recognize products with different colors and guarantee the precise sealing and perfect printing 
? Easy format changes for packaging various sized products using adjustable former and ensures high production ;
? Built-in heated Sealing Roller improve the speed and sealing reliability , avoid melting the film and cost-saving of package material ;
? Double film roll spindles with automatic film splicer.
Technical Parameter
Model No. KFW-300
Film width 80-300mm
Bag length 60-400mm
Bag width 35-100mm
Product height 30-60mm
Film roll diameter Max 350mm
Packaging speed 80-350bag/min
Power Singe Phase, 220V,50HZ
Machine size (L)1600×(W)1000×(H)600
Total Power 4.2 KW, Heating power: 2.1KW
Net Weight 1000KG
Packaging Technology
? Stainless steel product contact parts
? 2 film reel holders
? Automatic film splicer
? Photocell for product detection
? No product- no bag function
Technical Sketch

Front View

Side View


Top View

Brand Components
1 Cover Kendy Main part is carbon steel, and material of touch
parts are made with SUS304
stainless steel
2 Motor ATL (Taiwan)  
3 Servo motor Fuji (Japan)  
3 Transducer Schneider (France)  
4 Conveyor Yongli (Shanghai)  
5 Photo sensor SICK (Germany)  
6 Encoder Omron (Japan)  
7 Cylinder & Solenoidvalve AirTac (Taiwan)  
8 PLC Kendy Cooperated with SIEMENS
9 Touch screen Weinview (Taiwan)  
10 Contactor Schneider (France)  
11 Switch Schneider(France)  
12 Intermediate relay Omron(Japan)