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Secondary packing solution

Chain driving adjustable box sealing machine

Chain driving adjustable box sealing machine


Mainly use in food, daily necessities, chemical, pharmaceutical, metals etc which are packed by boxes.

The machine adopt oversea developed gluing technology which replace the normal point gluing, perfect sealing and tear effect. The machine has its own bravo appearance, simple and convenient usage and low failure rate. The custom parts of the whole machine are protected by patent.
Product function and structure feature
a. Adjustable, the machine can finish variety box sizes, L:100-320mm W:30-250 H:25-100mm.
b. No need change any components, just turn the adjusting handles, 5 minutes only to adjust the machine to
seal for another size.
c. Adopting the latest technology from United kingdom , continuous three shift operation design.
d. The material of frame and guard plate is stainless steel.
e. Electronic protector device, if overlapping or other accident happen, the system will stop automatically.
f. Plexiglass guard door, and all kinds of color selectable.
g. Tailstock and frame gomphosis, compact structure and save space.
h. Glue tank controlled by constant temperature system, and the temperature can be setted by customer.
i. The speed of out-feed finished box can be adjusted by frequency conversion randomly.
Technical parameter
Model KD-F02
Capacity 50-70 boxes/min
Voltage 0.37KW+1.6KW
Power AC220v  50HZ
Weight 400kg
Dimension L4500* W910* H1300mm
Applicable size L:130-300mm W:45-250 H:35-100mm
Material Hot melt glue

In-feeder conveyor

The boxes can be putted within any distance

Position system

It controlled by servo motor, instead of manual to keep the same distance between each box, and make sure the boxes can go into gluing machine smoothly.

Pusher system

Take the box forward one by one

Four switches for safety purpose


Adjusting handle

Gluing wheel

Instead of glue sprayer, avoiding the clogging of spraying nozzle

Emergency stop

Servo motor

Ventilation system

Vent the penetrating smell out of workshop

Teflon process glue container

10mm safety Plexiglass