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Automatic machine for handcraft wafer roll

Automatic Machine for Handcraft Wafer Roll (PL-DJ)

Automatic Machine for Handcraft Wafer Roll (PL-DJ)

Traditionally, wafer roll is totally made by manual, and baked by simple models, which is of good taste and smell and rich nutrition. However, manual making has its own shortcomings.
1.Low produce speed and small output
2.Labor density and difficult labor management.
3.Non-standard operation and insanitation will cause hygienic problem.

If there's some equipment that can make the same wafer roll as that made by manual?
Now, the advanced wafer roll making machine will be your first choice!
1. Intelligent. Machine is controlled by SIMENS PLC, which can make temperature control, baking, plasm loading, rolling up and tray cleaning full automatically.
2. High production. Output for one machine is the same as for 4 to 5 workers.
3. Stable performance.
4. Perfect finished product. The finished rate is up to 99% to 100%.
5. Less invest. One worker is able to take charge of 5 to 6 machines.
6. Wafer roll that made by the machine is just like handmade egg roll.
7. Continuous working day and night.
Technical Parameter
Dimension 1950*900*1850 mm
Weight 615 kg
Models C14-20(4 sticks)
Power 12 kw
Voltage 220V/ 380V
Capacity 250 kg/ day
Touch screen SIMENS