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Liquid flow control machine

Liquid Flow Control Machine

Liquid Flow Control Machine

Auto liquid adding machine, which is one of the most popular machines, mainly used for the high precision adding of water, oil, syrup, etc. It is hot in biscuit factory and has made contribution to keep product in its best taste, smell, color and warranty.
1. High precision. Precision is 99% for water and 99.5% for oil.
2. High efficiency. 40 kg water per minute and 50 kg oil per minute or more.
3. Strong compatibility. One machine can add both liquid of water and oil.
4. Easy operation. Touch screen helps to realize all functions, including liquid pumping, measuring and adding.
5. Strong function. One machine can feed 6mixers.
6. Print function. With mini printer inside, print of liquid flow, adding time, day consumption, etc can be checked.
7. Attemperator function. Attemperator function make sure the palm oil fluid in low temperature.
8. Direct controlled by PLC, stable and strong anti-jamming.
Technical Parameter
Model GZP-W6
Precision 99% - 99.5%
Weight 140-160 kg
Flow 40kg water(水), 50kg oil(油)
Power 2.2 kw
Dimension 900*695*1287mm
Voltage 220v/ 380v
Working Connection





SIEMENS touch screen


Mini printer


Liquid tray