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Packing manipulator / Intelligent packing robot

packing manipulator, intelligent packing robot

packing manipulator, intelligent packing robot

Packing manipulator/ Intelligent packing robot is mainly applicable to assembly, picking and packing area. Machine adopting high-speed camera to take product image acquisition, after dataprocessing, machine will work in a very fast speed. It can identify different products or mess products with irregular shape, then sort them and pack them accurately.
1. High speed, large loading, high precision, flexible
2. It only need small space and will save much room for clients
3. Different products can be packed by the same machine according adjust the action with software
4. Machine can be assembled into other equipment or production lines
5. Product calculation, overlying and assorting is available
6. With rinsed components inside, it is durable
Compact: space is 800*800mm
Standard type: working space is 1130mm
Stainless steel type: withstand rinse
Technical Parameter
Visual precision:+/- 0.5mm
Re-orientation precision: 0.1mm
Diameter: 880-1130mm
Fastest speed: 10m/s2
Weight: 120-145kg
Assemble: inversion
Size: 950-1050mm
Working Principle
Case Study